Saturday, March 10, 2012

Neo Pop Standard

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!! ORANGE RANGE is releasing a new album on 8th April 2012!!! OMG!!!! Can't wait for the new song~!!!!!!!!! *excited excited* *happy happy* Check out their OHP for more info!!! \≧▽≦/ 

2012.04.18 RELEASE

01. Restart
02. Subway
03. Soul to Soul
04. Hello Sunshine Hello Future
05. Warning !!
06. Lion
07. Dry Hard
08. Morning View
09. Deep Blue Sea Flower
10. Baby Baby
11. Backpack
12. Magical Mystery Hunter
13. Anniversary Song ~10th~

VIZL-473 / ¥3,360(税込)


「Hello Sunshine Hello Future」Music Video、「Anniversary Song ~10th~」Music Video、「オレンジレンジ10周年緊急記者会見」、[Bonus Movie] How to dance 「Anniversary Song ~10th~」、[Bonus Movie] Making of 「Anniversary Song ~10th~」

ORANGE RANGE 10周年&「NEO POP STANDARD」リリース記念。1110名様にオリジナルグッズが当たる、パスワード入り!
A賞 メンバーサイン入り「NEO POP STANDARD」Tシャツ(10周年ロゴ入り) 10名様
B賞「NEO POP STANDARD」タオル(10周年ロゴ入り) 100名様
C賞「NEO POP STANDARD」クリアファイル 1000名様


・ ジャケットデザインは初回限定盤のみのAnother Version

【通常盤】CD のみ
VICL-63860 / ¥3,045(税込)

13 songs!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! The DVD include tutorial on the Anniversary Song ~10th~ dance!!!!^^

Besides, they have also open an Official Facebook page!! Here is the link! 

For those who still doesn't know their FB page.... please LIKE!  LIKE!  LIKE!  LIKE!  LIKE! 

Love to see they upload all the pics of their singles and albums!!!

News from Tokyo Hive~!!

They have also releases a short ver. MV of Hello Sunshine Hello Future~ Hmm.. a quite motivating song? xDDD Yoh is doing all the talking~!!!! Last time very difficult to listen to his voice... ><||
Can't wait for the full song!!!!!! Can't wait for other song in the album tooooooooooooo!!! OMG!

ORANGE RANGE IS BACCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!!! xDDDDD Really glad and happy to see 5 of them together again!!! Ganbatte for this new album and also the LIVE tours!!! Love all of you!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

K-C-B~! ♥

Recently I have been searching for Renji's LIVE videos on Youtube and then I saw something like KCB LIVE on the side... bar? *rub eyes* It's really is KCB!!!!! O_O! *fast fast click* *loading~~~~*
It's really is THEM!!!! OMG!! Who is this kind person uploaded these precious LIVE videos!?
Really thank you a million times!!! 
Remember how desperate am I wanting to listen to their new songs and search for their LIVE videos?
Not to mention desperate to listen to KATCHAN singing xDDDD
Oh my... I can't describe how happy am I when I saw these videos!!

This is A RIZE, NAGISA and another song sadly I don't know the title.. T_T

A RIZE is actually very hard to sing O_O! Katchan.. you wrote one hard-to-sing song xDDD
But you all sound amazing and did a great LIVE despite recording using a normal camera!!! So proud of you all!!!! 
I think this is the beginning of their 2nd Chapter. Later on the crowd is getting bigger bigger in later videos :D
They get to stand so near to them~~~ Lucky na~~ *jealous jealous*

Let's start with my all time favourite SEVEN!!

I really really really really really really really really really LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO FUN!!!!!!!!
I wanna spin the towel tooooooooooo~~!!!!!
And I love how NAOTO sings it!!!!
Notices Katchan makes cute sound at the beginning? Ahhhh~ he's so cute!!!

Time for HIGH song? Here's Trouble Maker!!! (Not JS and HyunA.. LOL)
Love how it sounds too!!!!   OMG!!!
Minna kakoii na!!!!!!
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally last song(?) Love Fighting!!!
Love how they start with the bass!!!
YOSUKE-san kakoii ze~!!!!!!! ^0^
Love how it sounds too!! Love it! Love it!
See the difference of the crowd?^^
See how KATCHAN run here and there~ hehehe 
Love how TSUKASA and NAOTO with the guitar!! OMG!
MASARU is doing a great job too!!!!

Besides the LIVE, I also found a video that has cuts from their songs :D
Like a minute per song.
I really love it!!!! Especially the ballads.. Oh my.. it's really good....!
From this we already can listen and feel KATCHAN and the rest's hard work in writing, producing and record these songs^^
After listening it here, I really want to buy their album.. ONE and also the newly released TWO.
So I did sent an e-mail to them.
They did reply me!! That make me so happy! It was KAZUYA who replied me, in English!! :D
Sigh...... but... sad... they don't receive orders from overseas T______T
That makes me so sad... Sigh... I really want their albums... T.T

Then they reply me again.. 'Please support him from now on' xDD So cute right?^^ Sure I will!!! I have been always supporting you all these years!! KCB FIGHTING!!! GANBATTE!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!^^

If you all start taking orders from overseas, please inform me k? I will sure BUY!!!!^^

As I was roaming for more KCB, I found this!!!
Guess what? It's KATCHAN's solo!!!! :D
Weeeeeeeeeeee~~ Like OJ-chan said, we hardly heard his voice back in OR times.
But now we are listening to him singing.. only his voice^^ 
The song is Hatsu Barado, meaning First Ballad. 
KATCHAN is really improving a lot on singing!
He's so good in singing already!^^ I'm falling in love with his voice~
But.. I miss him on drums too! 

You know our Renji Leader-sama is also very good at singing? NAOTO(OR) has really beautiful voice!
I really want to listen to both of them duet!! xD

I want to listen more to KCB's LIVE and songs!!^^ Love it!!!! 

This is really a long post about KCB huh?^^ But I'm so happy to write a post about them!! 
Hope in the future I got more things to write about them!!
Got to go now!!!
Hope you all enjoy the videos!!
Raku-chan deshita! :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orenji Renji wa 10-shuunen~!!!!!

YES!! No matter how busy I am, this post is a must!!! It's ORANGE RANGE's 10th ANNIVERSARY!!!! It's a big thing to レンジ and all of us!!!!!!! Very important!!!! 十周年おめでとうございます!!! SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!! It's been a long journey~~~~

For their 10th anniversary, they made a song! The song is sooooooooo cute!!! This song is to thank all of us for supporting and loving them all these years. 10-shuunen~ 10-shuunen~ Orenji renji wa 10-shuunen~ OMG!! So addicting!! ≧ω≦ For those who still haven't download the song, you can download at their OHP. See how they change their OHP? xDDD Wonderful right? There are even members message there! Look at the tour list!!! WOW!!!! O_O!

Before that, they released a teaser for it. Here's the teaser~

By looking at it, I really thought they were at a press conference...( _ _) Haha.. xDD So creative eh? Naoto-sama was so formal and handsome xDD Satsuga leader dana~!

After that, they released a full MV for it!!

I could never ever guess that they dance inside this MV!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I was so touched when I see they stand up and started dancing!!! And the blue 'Happi Coat'.. I wish I have one!! So cute!!! Kyaa~~! 

Yoh-san was so cute!! Everytime we see him so cool only with the bass all the time. See him dancing was so cute~!! Ahh~~ xD Naoto-sama can do everything include dancing now xDD We love you!! Yama-san was really cute! Hiroki and Ryo-san really like dancing. Can see they are really good!!! Ryo-san is enjoying it a lot!!!^^ Watching this makes me want to dance too.. the dance move is so cute!! The sunglass bodyguard guy really made me laugh!! Kakoii na!!! Jii-chan to baa-chan mo kakoii da zo!!!^0^

I have no idea who is Masao and Sachiko but congrats for being same age with ORANGE RANGE!! :D

Love they show how the fans choose their favourite members! Yaa, Hiroki!!! I know you still got a lot of fans!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

Love how they show their very first CD, Orange Ball!!!!!!!!! Awwwww..... I really feel so happy!!!! HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing smile to us!! Thank you for the wonderful songs all these years!!!! Thank you for your hard work all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORANGE RANGE SAIKOU!!!!!!!!!!!! DAI DAI DAI DAI DAISUKI DESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will always remember the feeling and why I'm so in love with you all!!!

Raku-chan deshita!!! Bai bai!!!

Once a Range Aid, forever a Range Aid!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody!!!!
Firstly.. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! (LATE)
May many good returns back to you this year!!!!!! ^▽^
I'm so sorry m(_ _)m
Yes.. I have come back to my blog~!
Yaa.... Ohisashiburi desu ne~ hontou ni... -_-
Although I'm not really active in my blog, I do open my twitter~
Feel free to follow me on Twitter! :D Raku-chanのTwitter!
Talking about Twitter..  a few things happen that makes me really happy!
I often reply tweets to OR members and also KCB members.
What makes me really happy is someone reply my tweets!!^^
Who did? KCB's bassist, YOSUKE-san did!!
How nice of him eh? xDDD
Isn't it nice to see his name mentioning you when you click the @mention
Know what I meant?^^ Hehehehe~
I wish KATCHAN will reply me~~  *play with fingers*
But still!!! I'm very grateful and glad YOSUKE replied my tweet^^
Arigatou gozaimasu, YOSUKE-san! ≧ω≦

Hmm.. do you all know it's almost ORANGE RANGE's 10th Anniversary?
Wow.. it's already been 10 years since they debut!
For some reason I couldn't upload any pictures T^T Sorry...
You all should check out their homepage since they already update it^^
The 10th Anniversary picture was so cute.
They use their debut cover!!! xDDD The one in the car~
Something special and nice for their 10th Anniversary~?
Really.... ORANGE RANGE otsukaresamadeshita!!
You all have really worked hard in these 10 years!
Really proud of you guys!!!!^^

I'm proud to be a RANGE AID!! 
Thank you for making so many wonderful songs for us in these 10 years!!
Wish to see you all come back with a new song!!
WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh~ Hiroki just tweeted that today's weather is bad at Okinawa.. 
Aww... Let's pray that tomorrow's weather will be good at Okinawa! :D
Hiroki~~ please take some photos of Okinawa!! It's been a while since I see it~~ I miss Okinawa!!

I'll keep in touch with you all from time to time~ if not here, in Twitter!
See you all soon!

Raku-chan deshita! :)

Currently listening to: Silent Night

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello~! Konnichiwa!!

Hello everyone!!^^ こんにちは!
I'm sorry for not updating so much this year.. >.<
I'm taking my University entrance exam.
Well, it's happening now xDD
But it will be over soon :D
I still got only 2 papers to go!

I'm having a fun time replying ORANGE RANGE and KCB's tweets =^^=
Hiroki's daily survey is so fun!!^^
Today's question is "Can spin a hoola hoop for 30 sec or more Vs Cannot spin. Which one are you?"
I think I can spin for at least 30 sec~ not more than that.. haha ^^"

Katchan seems to have some problem now..
Whether he is happy now or not.. :(


Got to go now!! Hope to post a longer post next time! Mata ne!!! :D

p/s: I miss Renji!!!! SO SO SO MUCH!!!! I heard they are doing some recording now! Faster come back all of you!!!! >.<|||