Friday, November 19, 2010

ORANGE RANGE in My Dream!!

こんばんは~ xDDD 

Minna genki?

Atashi ne.... eh hehehehe~~

Ok, as the title says.. I dreamt about Renji for the pass few days. Not only once.. but like 2 or 3 times. 

In the dream, I'm at their LIVE concert!!! O.O The feeling is so AMAZING!!! As usual they are enjoying on the stage, and I feel like they know me and we were so close! I can't really answer, it just turn out that my dream is like that! xDDD After the LIVE they came to me and chat. It was so real.... I WISH it was REAL!!! ≧0≦ 

They all so happy and smile so sweet~ Leader-sama is so shy in my dream... SO CUTE!! ≧▽≦ Yamato, Ryo and Yoh is very friendly in my dream. Yoh is so caring~ Awww.. I'm sure the real person also that caring xDD Hiroki is like... much more friendlier that usual~^^ The way he smile... oh my god.. killing!! *faints* 

When I was enjoying the dream, my alarm rangs... wake me up T^T but luckily I remembered this dream.. means it's important!! xD 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

MTV Discover My Day [MORE PICTURES!!]

 Hi!!! xD Remember MTV Discover My Day!? They have the video now! Check it out yo!!

I did some screenshots on the video.. short video but can make lots of screenshots xD 

I don't know how to rip the video.. hope some RangeAid knows how to do it and rip for us T^T Nice video for memory~

Enjoy the screenshots! Click for original size!

Yaaayyy~~ here comes Hiroki xD

 Yamato makes an appearance

Off to the island!!! xDD Bye bye~~

Hiroki got shy suddenly!! What happen? xD Cute~

Yamato: Nice scenary eh?
Hiroki: ..... 

Yamato: Beautiful sea~
Hiroki: ..... 

Hiroki's post is so suitable for photo shooting xDDD So cool~

Yamato & Hiroki Kayak-ing~~ Hiroki so excited xD

Yamato went to far... 

Yamato now got.... muscles? o.O Wow~~

Look at the sign~

Yamato... what are you trying to do? xD

LOL!! More funny acts!! *wave to Hiroki*

 Gyaaahhh!! So high!!! xDD *excited excited*



Eh? Yamato saw something~ *cute expression^^*

Kangaroo running!! Cute~~

When getting out of the van, suddenly he smiles xD

Look at their expression xD 

and this one too!!

Spearman Yamato 

Blow blow~

Look at Hiroki~~ so cute!! 

Love their smile!!

Their English must have improve^^ So happy!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDD So much fun there.. maybe one day I will go there for a Holiday too!!^^

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Dong Bang Shin Ki to come!!

OK.... because of certain demands, I will write more on DBSK in my blog! ^-^ Please look forward to it. Kamsahamnida!! *bows*

p/s: It might take some time cause I don't know where to start xDD

Plan to make a new blog for Dong Bang Shin Ki only... once the blog is 'born'(xD), all post about Dong Bang Shin Ki in this blog will be move to the 'new born' blog... Please look forward to it!! Annyeonghi~!

Yaaaa~ Finally the blog is born!! xD Zehi zehi check shite kudasai ne!!! Arigachuuu~~!! ^3^

KCB New Member Picture REVEALED!

*doki doki* Finally.. the pictures!!! Tada!!

From Left: MASARU(dr, cho), KATCHAN(vo,gt,dr,mp,AG), KAZUYA(vo), NAOTO(gt, dr), TSUKASA(gt, cho)


Katchan is still the most brightest among them~~ So shiny~~ so handsome~~ xDD *bling bling* Totemo pika pika to kira kira desu xDDDDDDDD *faints* But.. he look a bit skinny. He eats a lot, but still so slim.. I wonder why? xD Now Katchan can do anything... guitar, vocal, drums etc... so 'serba boleh' xD Same as our Leader-sama.Hehe~

BTW, didn't expect KCB's NAOTO-san so 'bad boy' xD No offence.. I actually like this kind of style *hides* I hope in the future no one will confuse when I write about NAOTO since we have 2 now xD Our Renji's 'good boy' Leader-sama still the most handsome one xD Leader-sama, please don't get married... LOL!! Just Kidding!! xDD

Naoto(KCB) wrote in blog that they have 2 drummers... hope hope KATCHAN still on drums when on the stage!! If not we will be missing his drumming like HELL!!TT but.. when KATCHAN on drums, where Masaru go? o.O *confused* 

3 vocals huh? Like Renji... I wonder Katchan will take which vocal.. xD High, Middle or Low? Wanna hear him sing so badly~~~~ I think Kazuya will take the main vocal which is middle range vocal.

Masaru!! You better do a good job on drumming!! ≧0≦ Katchan is leaving his precious spot for you. Gambatte!

Katchan, don't hurt your precious finger again ok? *sayang~~*  I will be hurt too.. 


Saturday, November 6, 2010

KCB Dai Ni Shou!! (Chapter II)

Konnichiwa~! Ehem... 


あたしは凄く我侭です m(_ _)m 


Katchan.. Tsukasa... you have waited for this day to come right? Sorry for being late... CONGRATULATIONS FOR SUCCESSFULLY RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!!!^^ Finally KCB can begin a new chapter!! Omedetou! I pray for your success with your new members!! Make sure you all have 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x more fun on stage than last time!! 私たち此処からずっと応援します!  Katchan, I'm glad that you could continue to pursue your dreams^^ あなたの新しい曲を待っています!お楽しみにです^^あなたのことずっと見守ってます!♥ No matter what happens, I will always support you.

Katchan says: 早くみんなの笑顔が見たいです。(Hayaku minna no egao ga mitai desu)

私たちもKATCHANの笑顔早く見たい欲しいです!♥ xD

Let's hope that KCB will have a great and enjoyable Chapter II!!! KCBのみんなさん、がんばってください!!!!!!!!♪ いつまでも大好きだよ!♥♥♥

KCB New Members

OMG!!! This morning I just surfing around my blog and other stuff and in KCB's myspace page, I found out some additional names in the Band Member's section!! And this really give me a shock... =.='' 







Ok... now thay have 3 guitarist, 3 vocals.. including KATCHAN o.O not only that.. he is on Guitar too? and a new drummer replace him... ... ... ... ... ... ...

NANJYA KORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????? Zen zen wakaranai!!! Somebody explain to me T^T KATCHAN supposed to be our only DRUMMER!! I don't want see him with other instrument on stage other than drums!! Well, in their member blog, Profile section his name still have the word 'dr'... sigh... so confused... I dunno should I be happy or not right now... 

Sigh.. I guess I have to accept it... 約束だから.. なにがあっても, あたしぜったい応援します

Anything will do.. as long as that smile don't fade away... but please a thousand times not 'that'..


Friday, November 5, 2010

ORANGE RANGE In MTV Discover My Day in Australia

Yaaaa~~ xD Hiroki and Yamato in Australia!!! Er? Why? Eh hehehehe xDDD  Well, because JETSTAR wants to promote Australia's Cairns Green Island Cruises and Tours through MTV and they are involve!!! Holiday is coming right? xDD MTV Japan's website has a special report on the program. NOT ONLY THAT... hehehehe~~ They are going on air!! The first ON AIR is today(5th November), 19:30 to 20:00. There are repeat broadcast too. Stay tune.. lol!!

There are some pictures of them. ENJOY!!! Kawaii na~~~ futari tomo~~ 

Hope next time got any programme, 5 of them will be involve xDD 

*stares at Hiroki's wedding ring~~~*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KCB Mini Album!!

Have you check out on KCB's myspace lately? They have posted previews on their songs! Oh my god... all the nice nice songs... Katchan's hardwork TT

SE.. we can just listen to the intro... but I think it's quite nice TT I want to listen to whole song so badly TT

あせり (Aseri) is a quite cheerful song^^ and 君と過ごした日々 (Kimi to Kago Shita Hibi), as I guessed.. it's a ballad love song... I just listen to the preview and I feel like crying TT Try to listen to it.... *sobx*

SEVEN... my all time favourite from them... ahhh..~~ I remember the first time I listen this song is LIVE version... last time they posted the video at their Official Website... MISS THEM!! T^T

vermillion turns out to be a ballad too~~ a touching melody~~ OMG... I want that album so badly!!!! KATCHAN! GIMME YOUR ALBUM!!!! T^T PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! * begging*

I found this at their Member's blog~

Let's begin the second chapter. To be continued...

Are there new members? Looking forward!!^^ KCB no minna-san, gambatte ne!! 大好き!!


WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S BEEN SO SO SO SO SO LONG TIME SINCE I UPDATED MY BLOG!!!! I have been busy with personal life and studying... sorry! But I can sure that my love for ORANGE RANGE is still that HIGH!!! Errr~ how high? That high lo.. *pointing* LOL!!! xD Renji has been updating A LOT!! If I have to blog about it, it's really long... again.. sorry TT

But we have some RangeAid(FYI, our fan club xD) have been updating bout Renji like LIVE telecast xDD It's Kimi-chan and Miya-chan!! Check out their blogs!!! Wonderful blogs they have there!!^^ Unlike me... TT again and again hontou ni sumimasen & gomenasai... m(_ _)m *bows deeply*

Recently, I have listened to Renji's new songs... it brings me back the feelings few years back ago xDDDD I was like "WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" SATSUGA RENJI DA NA!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Their 7th album, "orcd", really simple name? but the songs inside.... OMG!!!! SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD I can't realy say which one is my favourite because every songs really grabs me!!!! GOSH!! Really have to listen to INSANE cause this song DRIVE me INSANE infront of my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read this from Miya-chan's blog.... ORANGE RANGE got nominated for Independent Artist of YEAR 2010!!! ^0^ GO! GO! GO! ORANGE RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

For Top Pop Artist 2010 got JYJ and Tohoshinki... WHAT THE!? .....=.=||| Ottoke?

Luckily Renji and them are in different category... if not I will die T^T

RangeAid(We should do one already!! We should show them Range Aid not only in Japan but also worldwide!! xD) & Cassiopeia...... GAMBATTE & HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently feeling: スーパー 嬉しい!!!!!!!
Currently listening to:ORANGE RANGE - Sakura

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Extended PV of Hitomi no Saki ni

Kimi-chan found a extended version of Hitomi no Saki ni PV!! This PV show more of the boys and story... TT I almost cry whenever I watch this PV cause the boys represent Renji in the PV.

Enjoy! ;)

ALL CREDITS TO HIROKIMI. Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bows*


Track list:

01. Uturusanu (ウトゥルサヌ)

02. Five Mic (X Beer CM)

03. 2ヶ月ぶりのHoliday -ペチュニアロックス Remix-

Download (Credits to ORFM, ORANGE SAMA)